I spent the majority of my adult, politically conscious, life as a Republican. Like most Americans, I was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Small government, pro-choice, pro-2nd Amendment, and anti-bureaucracy.

‘Stay out of my wallet and stay out of my bedroom.’

Like our founders, I would have best been described as a “Classical Liberal.”

I was, a Constitutionalist.

I believed that our founders, the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were brilliant men who created the framework for ‘liberty,’ based on one, singular catalyst to all historical tragedies and atrocities that befell all great societies past, unrestricted government power.

Above all, our founders knew that even with the framework of a Constitution that restricted the power of government, people are and always will be ‘people,’… and will yield power to those who will appear to use it as they want it to be used.

It was in my early 30’s that I began to see.

And by the time I was 40, I chose to become, an Anarchist.

After seeing a complete perversion of the Constitution creep into every corner of our legal, judicial and law enforcement systems, I came to a place where I realized that none of our ‘laws,’ actually do anything good for anyone. They merely serve as a vehicle for people with power, so that they may keep power.

“Anarchy is gang rule!” people tried to tell me.

“What do you think we have now?” I would respond.

“Government is just the biggest army, with the most and biggest guns,”

The only ruler I submit to is Mother Nature. The only laws I submit to are the laws of physics. For those are the only laws that cannot be broken. I follow my own moral code, and I’m acutely aware of my nature as a predatory pack animal the universal truths of ‘natural consequences.’

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Vanessa Blais
Vanessa Blais
Vanessa Blais is a freelance marketing consultant. She specializes in direct response copywriting and research analysis. She's a mom of two boys and an avid outdoors person, who loves SCUBA diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, swimming, and all things 'Pirate."

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