The migrant caravan are individuals escaping unacceptable conditions expedited by shaky governments, environmental change, monetary uncertainty, and brutality from the state and from criminal associations. A considerable lot of the general population are from Honduras, however others are from Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Caravan migration started with the Hondurans in the caravan who got some answers to their long time problem through migration. This was a beacon of hope for a lot of people who have been waiting for an Avenue to leave the nation’s imposed suffering and seek a better life for their kids.

For most caravans, migration has become a very difficult and dangerous endeavor. The unnecessary laws and regulations in place don’t make it easy on these helpless families who want nothing but a better life for their children. In a bid to escape the harsh living conditions in their home nation most caravan are forced to walk hundreds of miles facing countless security risks which isn’t ideal for little children.

It is likely that the caravan trying to migrate will become smaller, because women and children can’t keep trying to migrate by walking, for the sake of their families safety most caravans are choosing to return or remain where they are, though, the conditions of living there are terrible but no mother would want to put her family through the uncertainties of walking across borders with no certain safety on the other side, with both the US and Mexican government not showing adequate support —numerous migrants are as of now being confined by the Mexican government, and countless caravan families in the US have been separated – kids separated from their parents, this will undoubtedly affect the future of these kids, all on the basis of useless immigration laws, these families are not a threat to anyone, they go about their life peacefully, earning a honest living – they don’t deserve to be deported, their families don’t deserve to be ruined. America used to be a nation that cares about the little guy’s suffering! Apart from the persecutions faced by migrant caravans, their supporters aren’t having it easy as well, having a government that neglects the suffering of fellow human beings is a very terrible thing.

In the United States, the Trump administration turns a blind eye to the suffering and hardships been faced by these people. And statistics shows that even if everyone in the caravan were given refuge in the U.S., it’s greatly impossible that Americans would notice because, the caravan would speak to less than 0.1% percent of the current recorded immigrant populace in the nation, so I don’t see why the government isn’t doing anything to help. This is America, a nation built on values; passion, love and freedom, but under the Trump administration these core values all seem a myth, the total negligence the government is showing is inhumane.

What the migrant caravans are facing is something no human being should have to go through, I implore the people of this great nation to rise up and stand against the tyranny of the Trump administration, this isn’t our America, we care about people, we aren’t the heartless and callous nation Trump is trying to paint us as. My prayers go to mothers facing the blistering cold tonight, you don’t deserve this, stay strong you’ll get through this, we’ll make sure of it.

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